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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Van Nicholas Pioneer project...

Well - the bike is pretty much finished now except for the lights and wiring. Tomorrow will be its first real outing.


  1. Hi Ron ....both the blog and bike, especially the bike, are looking very flash. Quite a creation you have designed and assembled. Well done. I know you have held over Sth America plans for which this new bike is destined, but do have a shakedown loaded tour in mind for the Van Nicholas?
    Regards Graham

  2. Graham, I've always intended to return to the south island of New Zealand for my shakedown tour, but a change of job put paid to my usual October/November holiday. I'm hoping to go now in April before the winter arrives, but may once again be constrained by work pressures.

  3. I've searched and search but cannot find a picture of a Pioneer framed bike showing the non-drive side view of the rear hub. I'm interested in seeing whether the hub requires a Speedbone for this frame. Do you have any pictures or information regarding Rohloff fitment to this frame? Thanks

    1. Hehe, well, even if you did find a picture, it would be difficult to see much. And it is hard to find the information on the Rohloff site, but you can find it under Speedbone. You are half-right. A speedbone is not required, however the CC OEM2 axle plate and locating bolt is required.

      The locating bolt screws into the top hole on the left dropout, and the slot in the end of the OEM2 axle plate engages with it. All very simple and elegant, like the dropout themselves, which are a work of art.