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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tour journal relocation completed...

Well, I've now relocated both my tour journals and my articles. You can find links to them on the sidebar.

I'd have to say I'm delighted with the way the relocation has worked out - it was relatively painless and not particularly time-consuming. And the look and feel is far superior to the way they look previously. No doubt they'll evolve a little more but for the moment I'm very satisfied with them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New location for my tour journals...

In recent months I have become weary of the biased and tiresome rants posted by the moderator of the site where my tour journals have long been published. And I wanted them to have a more flexible organisation and a more contemporary presentation than the rigid, monochromatic, hobbyist look constrained by the original location.

But where else could I put them? It is difficult to find somewhere, some way to present them as a journal, chapter by chapter rather than in the strict chronological format used for blogs. I spent hours, days - searching through countless blog and web site templates looking for one with the right structure.

And after a lot of searching I found the answer was right under my nose - there is a Blogger help page that gives detailed guidance about how to format a blog and edit the template for presentation as a book.

So I have deleted my journals In Tasmania and Chasing the Long White Cloud from their former location, and I'm in the process of publishing them on Blogger. You will now find a Tour Journals section on the sidebar, which will eventually have links to all my journals. For now they remain a work in progress and don't yet have the final journal structure that I want, but stay tuned, they will be done soon.

I have also deleted my articles Approaches to Brisbane and Getting Started with Clipless Pedals, and published them in the Pages section on the sidebar. I hope you find them useful.