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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New location for my tour journals...

In recent months I have become weary of the biased and tiresome rants posted by the moderator of the site where my tour journals have long been published. And I wanted them to have a more flexible organisation and a more contemporary presentation than the rigid, monochromatic, hobbyist look constrained by the original location.

But where else could I put them? It is difficult to find somewhere, some way to present them as a journal, chapter by chapter rather than in the strict chronological format used for blogs. I spent hours, days - searching through countless blog and web site templates looking for one with the right structure.

And after a lot of searching I found the answer was right under my nose - there is a Blogger help page that gives detailed guidance about how to format a blog and edit the template for presentation as a book.

So I have deleted my journals In Tasmania and Chasing the Long White Cloud from their former location, and I'm in the process of publishing them on Blogger. You will now find a Tour Journals section on the sidebar, which will eventually have links to all my journals. For now they remain a work in progress and don't yet have the final journal structure that I want, but stay tuned, they will be done soon.

I have also deleted my articles Approaches to Brisbane and Getting Started with Clipless Pedals, and published them in the Pages section on the sidebar. I hope you find them useful.


  1. I agree with your comments RE that other site's look and feel. I really like what you've done with this blog and the Tassie trip page. :)

  2. Ron

    I'm not sure whether you're aware, that I too ran foul of the moderator of the other site. Hence my move to a more independent setting. I was hoping to run into you on the Carretera Austral with your new rig - did you make it? We were a little later than the masses and ran into the fuel protests, but all worked out well in the end. Now about to head back to Oz and a new job (plus dreams of many more adventures and tours to come).


    1. Hi Tom - no, I'd didn't realise you'd had a problem. I never visit that page these days.

      Sorry I didn't get the chance to catch up with you on the road. But last year my job finally got the better of me and I quit for another one. So I no longer had enough leave accrued and had to postpone the tour. I'm hoping I'll be able to wangle enough leave to go next season, or maybe I'll take a contract job.

      I guess it will be a shock for you to return to the working world after so long on the road. Hope the adjustment is not too difficult.