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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tour journal relocation completed...

Well, I've now relocated both my tour journals and my articles. You can find links to them on the sidebar.

I'd have to say I'm delighted with the way the relocation has worked out - it was relatively painless and not particularly time-consuming. And the look and feel is far superior to the way they look previously. No doubt they'll evolve a little more but for the moment I'm very satisfied with them.


  1. Hi Ron, I saw that you weren't using the Crazy Guy website, but I wanted to follow your upcoming trip to Chile/Argentina, so I'm glad I could find your new journal location. Indeed, your journals look nice on this website; quite colorful and bright. What is your timeframe for your South America trip? We are getting into the prime Patagonia season right now. From what I recall you might be working through this next season and delaying your trip.

    I was able to take an interesting 3 week trip up in Peru during Oct/Nov 2011(journal on Crazyguy), which involved some big climbs and travel in areas that don't seem to get many bike tourists. It was a great trip, but you really can't beat Patagonia, and your planned trip should be great.
    Anyway, I always enjoy your journals and articles, and I'm glad I found your new location. Cheers and Merry Christmas!
    Bill Hoadley
    Colorado, USA'
    bhoads "at" gmail.com

  2. @Bill H.

    Bill, thanks for the interest and for taking the time and trouble to look up my new location.

    Yes, I changed jobs earlier this year, and with no leave accrued I've had to put back my plans for Patagonia until the following season. Otherwise as you can see, the bike is ready, so I just need the time off work and to learn a little Spanish.

    I followed your tour through Peru with great interest, and found the landscapes and your panoramas absolutely breathtaking. My feet itched to get on the bike after reading each post.

    Thanks again, and a Merry Christmas to you also!

    Ron Kinang