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Monday, March 4, 2013

Why do I tour solo?

Complete Freedom

This can be a scary yet empowering – having complete freedom. Traveling alone means I can choose or change my itinerary, go to whatever restaurant I want, stay wherever I please, see whichever sights I wish and stay there as long as I want. When I travel solo I don't have to make any compromises. The world is my oyster, quite literally.

Challenging Myself

A lot of soul searching can take place when my only companion is my bike and baggage. When I travel by myself I cannot afford to doubt my decisions. I challenge myself to try new adventures, eat different foods and stay in unusual places. These challenges make me a stronger person.

Getting to Know the Locals

One of the most amazing experiences while traveling is getting to know the people. I am far more likely to start up a conversation at the local pub with a stranger if I have no one else to talk to.


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