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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bags in the Bag...

Very exciting delivery today from Bedrock. From Bedrock Bags that is, not from Fred and Barney.

I ordered them on back on 1 August. Andrew Wracher of Bedrock has been busy and has a longish production queue, but I was happy enough with the wait.

Quality, finish, workmanship is impressive, so it was well worth it. So now it's time to think about a practice pack to find out what fits and what doesn't.

Top: Custom Frame Bag - Dual Zipper Main Pocket With Divider And Non-Drive Side Map Pocket - super deluxe
Centre/Under: Entrada handlebar Bag with Pocket.
Bottom:Coconino Seat Bag with Railwing

So the question arises - just what is the capacity of the Bedrock bikepacking bags I'm going to use.

According to Bedrock, the seat bag has a capacity of 12 litres.

I calculate the capacity of the frame bag at close enough to 10 litres and the handlebar bag at 7 litres.

In addition I'll be using three bags on Anything cages at 5 litres each.

That gives a total capacity of 44 litres - about the same as a pair of Ortlieb Back Rollers.

And that is not counting the pocket or cockpit bags, which don't add much to the total capacity but will carry a multitude of small items.


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